Rockin' Roo's World Music Adventure

Rockin' Roo's World Music Adventure

8 Episodes

Rockin' Roo explores music, dance and instruments all around the world in this 8 part series featuring the following countries:
Part 1: Australia
Part 2: Ecuador and South America
Part 3: Japan
Part 4: India
Part 5: Ireland
Part 6: Africa
Part 7: Russia
Part 8: Trinidad and Tobago

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Rockin' Roo's World Music Adventure
  • Rockin' Roo Visits Australia

    Episode 1

    Explore the music of Australia and make your own didgeridoo in this exciting first episode!

    The fun includes:
    1. Rockin' Roo's Theme Song
    2. Hello, My Friends
    3. Highway Number One: A Movement Activity
    4. How Do You Dootee?
    5. Piano & Forte Teach About Rounds
    6. Kookaburra: A Round
    7. Rockin' ...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Ecuador

    Episode 2

    Explore the music of Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina and make your own Rondador in Part Two of Rockin' Roo's "Musical World Adventure" Series.

    The fun includes:
    1. Rockin' Roo Theme Song
    2. Hello, My Friends
    3. El Juego Chirimbolo (An Ecuadorian Dance)
    4. Rockin' Roo's Phone Call: Marco and the ...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Japan

    Episode 3

    Celebrate the music and culture of Japan through movement and dance, taiko drumming, and origami in Part Three of Rockin' Roo's world travels.

    The fun includes:

    1. Rockin' Roo's Theme Song
    2. Hello, My Friends
    3. Nabe Nabe (a movement activity)
    4. Omochio Tsukimasho (a hand clapping game)
    5. Pi...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits India

    Episode 4

    Join Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo as we explore the music of India, make your own sitar, go on a magic carpet ride, sing a scale, and have an improv jam session.

    The fun includes:

    1. Rockin' Roo's Theme Song
    2. Hello, My Friends
    3. Bollywood Dance: Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hi
    4. Dandiya Stick Dance: ...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Ireland

    Episode 5

    In Part Five, Rockin' Roo travels to Ireland and learns about Irish dancing, the concertina, the Irish whistle, the Bodhran drum, and tempo.

    The fun includes:

    1. Rockin' Roo's Theme Song
    2. Hello, My Friends
    3. One, Two, Three, Me Mother Caught a Flea
    4. The Rattlin' Bog
    5. Piano and Forte Teac...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Africa

    Episode 6

    Rockin' Roo is touring Africa in part 6 of her musical world adventure series. Join Rockin' Roo as she travels to Tanzania, Ghana, and Zimbabwe and goes on a safari, learns about rhythm, explores African dance and drumming, and highlights an African instrument called the mbira.

    The fun includes...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Russia

    Episode 7

    In Part 7 of Rockin' Roo's World Adventure, Rockin' Roo and Miss Katie explore the music and dance of Russia! In this episode, we'll fly like an airplane, play our drums along with a clumsy bear, dance a Russian dance with Rockin' Roo, learn about timbre from Piano and Forte in a listening game,...

  • Rockin' Roo Visits Trinidad and Tobago

    Episode 8

    In the final episode of Rockin' Roo's Musical World Adventure, Rockin' Roo explores the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. We'll play some children's singing games, learn about melody and harmony from our friends Piano and Forte, sing about juicy mangoes, meet the steel pan and make our own, play d...