Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

9 Seasons

Enjoy this fun collection of songs celebrating our favorite holidays.

Holidays included:
- December Holidays
- Thanksgiving
- Halloween
- Diwali
- Valentine's Day
- St. Patrick's Day
- Cinco de Mayo
- Mother's Day
- Father's Day

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Holiday Collection
  • The Jingle Bell Freeze Dance

    Do you want to do a freeze dance with me? Grab a jingle bell, a tambourine, a maraca, or any of your favorite noisemakers, and let's do this freeze dance for toddlers and young children together! You'll hear a mash-up of two favorite Christmas songs: "Jingle Bell Rock" and "Rockin' Around the Chr...

  • Reindeer Boogie (A Holiday Hokey Pokey)

    The reindeer want to get in on the dancing action this Christmas! Join them in the Reindeer Boogie, a Christmas version of the classic hokey pokey dance. This Christmas action song for preschoolers and early elementary children will get the whole family up dancing and boogying away with Rudolph a...

  • Hanukkah is Here

    Can you use your musical detective listening ears to figure out how many nights we celebrate Hanukkah? Listen to the number of bell rings to figure it out, then grab a water glass or anything at home that dings and play along with miss Katie in this simple Hanukkah song for preschoolers and early...

  • Chubby Little Snowman

    What do we make a snowman's nose with? A carrot! What do bunnies like to eat for a snack? Carrots! Uh oh. Join me, our favorite snowman, Olaf, and a sneaky bunny as we find out what happens when a hungry bunny looking for his lunch comes across a chubby little snowman! Can we save Olaf's nose? Th...

  • Five Little Latkes

    Five little latkes are sizzling in the pan, but one by one, they jump up and start teasing, "Catch me if you can!" Can you help me chase these naughty latkes? Practice steady beat, subtraction, and counting skills with your toddler or preschooler in this silly fingerplay and chanting song for Han...

  • There's So Much To Celebrate

    There's so much to celebrate during the holiday season, let's do it together! Let's play our tambourines for Hanukkah, ring the bells for Christmas, play the drums for Kwanzaa, tap our sticks for New Year's Day, make a joyful sound together, and spread the message of love and peace!

  • Snow Is Falling - Scarves

    Snow is falling all around! Pretend your scarves are snowflakes and let them fall from the clouds to the ground. Then get ready for an epic snowball fight and toss your scarves around with your family and friends!

  • The Lights On The Tree

    In this "Wheels on the Bus" style Christmas song, we'll blink our lights, rattle our presents, hear a train, bake with mommy, snooze with daddy, get hugs from grandpa, get kisses from grandpa, click our hooves with the reindeer, and hear Santa's Ho Ho Ho!

  • The Magic Dreidel Spin

    Let's celebrate Hanukkah and pretend to be a dreidel--a Hanukkah toy that spins around and around like a top then falls down. Then we'll jump inside a magic dreidel and bounce around until we FREEZE!

  • There's a Little Elf Sitting on my Nose

    Help! A mischievous little elf is off his shelf and sitting on Miss Katie's nose, knee, head, and more! Pat the body part the elf is sitting on to the beat in this silly action song.

  • Let's All Do A Little Clapping

    Let's spread some holiday cheer together as we clap, jump, stretch, ding our triangles, scrape our sand blocks, tap our drums, and sway to the beat. This movement and action instrument song is great to get little ones experiencing 3/4 waltzing time.

  • Call Rudolph

    Calling all holiday counters! Santa needs your help! One by one his poor reindeer keep bumping their heads and falling down. Who is going to help Santa pull his sled?

  • Trepak Dance (from, The Nutcracker)

  • "Santa Jam" Holiday Class

    Let's celebrate the holiday season together, friends! In this 40 minute music class, we'll chase a runaway reindeer then do the reindeer boogie, move our bodies to show our holiday spirit, make a joyful sound with a variety of rhythm instruments (parental earplugs not included), paint a masterpi...