Instrument Songs

Instrument Songs

Grab a rhythm instrument and let's make a joyful noise!

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Instrument Songs
  • High and Low

    Let's explore high and low together by clapping, shaking our maracas, and tapping our rhythm sticks!

  • Driving In My Car

    The re-release of a TwT classic is here! Let's turn our hand drums into steering wheels and drive our cars around town. Don't forget to STOP at red lights and GO on green lights!

  • Shaky Shaky Egg 2021

    Check out this reboot of our favorite Tots with Tempo tune! "Shaky Shaky Egg" is a freeze dance using either an egg shaker or maracas. Shake and freeze, march and freeze, jump and freeze, and bend and freeze along with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo.

  • I'm a Lumberjack

    Grab your sand blocks, put on your flannel, and play along with Miss Katie in this fun action song for children 6 and under. Children will perform eighth note and quarter note rhythmic patterns unknowingly as they "chop" and "saw" along with Miss Katie.

  • Finding the Beat

    Let's become a marching band, friends, and find the beat together! We'll march, clap, crash our cymbals, tap our drums, and improvise steady beat movements with our bodies in this fun action song that will help strengthen steady beat recognition.

  • Gonna Play My Drum

    Dance, jump, twirl, stomp, and whisper with your drum, then count to 7 and freeze in this upbeat drum action song.

  • I Like to Play My Castanets

    Grab some castanets (or if you don't have castanets, try KITCHEN TONGS!), and stomp-click-click away with Miss Katie. This fun action song explores movement and instrument performance in 3/4 time. Perfect for ages 6 and under.

  • Rhythm Stick Tango

    Tap your sticks, scrape them together, tap the floor, play the ta ta ti-ti ta rhythm on rhythm sticks and dance the tango in this fun rhythm action song.

  • Hands Are Not For Hitting

  • Mama Don't Allow

    Mama may tell us we're not allowed to play our rhythm sticks, cymbals, sand blocks, and drums...but we're going to do it ANYWAY! Let's break some rules and have some fun in this action song for children that uses rhythmic instruments.

  • Talking Instruments

    Did you know that your instruments can talk?! Listen carefully and play along with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo as we make our rhythm sticks, tambourines, drums, and bells say something quite important.

  • Jammin With My Band

    Let's be in a rock band together! We'll explore the sounds of our drums, cymbals, and triangles as we we groove along together in this toe tapping tune.

  • I Love My Maracas

    Let's have some fun with our maracas! Shake them all around, tap them together, shake them side to side, tap them to the beat, and spin them 'round and 'round.

  • I've Got The Beat In My Feet

    Let's get those dancing feet going and feel the our FEET! See if you can use your drum to copy Miss Katie and count to the rhythm. Beware...she's really going to try to trick you the second time. Can she do it?

  • Drums Galore

    Learn your shapes, colors and music theory concepts in this fun drumming song! To do at home: get four sheets of paper and draw a 1) red square 2) yellow triangle 3) purple circle 4) blue rectangle. Put a drum or pot/pan next to each sheet of paper and play the drum next to the shape/color Mis...

  • The Drums of Ireland

    Grab a drum and play some Irish-inspired rhythms in this exciting action song featuring a hand drum and irish whistle.

  • Chiapanecas

    In this fun Mexican folk song, we'll explore and identify the difference between piano (soft) and forte (loud) through instrument play and movement.

    Mini lesson on piano/forte: 0:00-4:27
    Actual Dance Performance: 4:27-End

  • Shaky Shaky Egg

    A class favorite in Tots with Tempo, Shaky Shaky Egg is a freeze dance using either an egg shaker or maracas. Shake and freeze, march and freeze, jump and freeze, and bend and freeze to this fun movement and action song for children 6 and under.

  • Driving in My Car

    Use your imagination and turn a hand drum into a steering wheel on your fast car! Children will "freeze" at the red light, then play car sounds on their hand drum while they wait for the light to turn green again. This song teaches eighth note rhythm patterns.

  • Shaky Shaky Egg (with Rockin' Roo)