New Releases

New Releases

Check out the newest additions to Tots with Tempo On Demand!

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New Releases
  • Talking Instruments

    Did you know that your instruments can talk?! Listen carefully and play along with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo as we make our rhythm sticks, tambourines, drums, and bells say something quite important.

  • Finding the Beat

    Let's become a marching band, friends, and find the beat together! We'll march, clap, crash our cymbals, tap our drums, and improvise steady beat movements with our bodies in this fun action song that will help strengthen steady beat recognition.

  • ShamROCK St. Patty's Day Class

    Join Miss Katie over the rainbow as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the music of Ireland. The fun includes:

    1. Hello, My Friends
    2. The Unicorn Song
    3. Can't Catch Me (A Leprechaun Chase Song)
    4. Michael Finnegan (Scarf Conducting)
    5. Rattlin' Bog (A Cumulative Song)
    6. Dai Dai Diddle Ai (Dan...