Movement/Action Songs

Movement/Action Songs

Bend, stretch, stomp, jump, freeze, and MORE!

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Movement/Action Songs
  • Hello My Friends (with Rockin' Roo)

  • Rockin' Roo's Theme Song

    Meet Rockin' Roo, our swingin' musical marsupial mascot that visits our live music classes each week to teach a Rockin' Rhythm of the Day. She and her jolly joey, Roo Two, want to come to YOUR HOUSE!

    We want to see pics and videos of Rockin' Roo and Roo Two's adventures with YOUR FAMILY. Will s...

  • Counting Sheep

    Bounce a little one on your lap or have older children jump independently. Lift babies and toddlers up or have older children "jump" over the fence with each sheep that is counted.

  • Take Me To The Playground

    Take a virtual trip to the playground with your little one and take a ride on the swings, the merry-go-round, and the slide in this exciting action song. Luckily even after mommy says it's time to go she let's us do everything one more time!

    For parents of babies and toddlers, you can hold yo...

  • Splishin' and Splashin'

    This is a suuuuuuper fun tickle for babies and toddlers, and our older friends love it, as well! For our littlest friends, bounce them in your laps and tickle the body parts we're singing about. For older friends, follow the movements along with Miss Katie as we get fresh and clean in the bath!

  • 5 Little Monkeys

    Five little monkeys are jumping on the bed, uh oh! Count and jump along with Miss Katie in this classic and fun action song.

  • Siege of Carrick

    Dance a traditional Irish dance with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo!

  • Get My Sillies Out

    Are you feeling silly? Get those sillies out by jumping, raising the roof, quacking, dancing, and "sleeping" with Miss Katie in this goofy movement and action song for children 6 and under.

  • To The Rescue Here I Come

    Vocals sirens are one of the best ways explore range, develop vocal control, access the head voice, and strengthen vocal cords. In this guessing game song, Miss Katie sings hints about a rescue vehicle and you have to guess what it is then make the sound of its siren!

  • Twirling

    Twirl, waltz, hop, skate, and swim along with Miss Katie in this fun action song that helps children experience a 3/4 waltzing time signature.

  • Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (English/Gaelic)

    Check out the Irish version of this classic favorite and sing in Gaelic!

  • Going to the Zoo

    Let's take a trip to the zoo! Bounce and pat to the beat and move your body like some of our favorite animals in this exciting movement and action song.

  • The Boo Boo Song

    Shoo away those boo boos and wave goodbye to them for good in this upbeat action song.

  • Whine Time

    Catch your whines and throw them OUT THE WINDOW! Turn those whines into giggles in this silly actions song that teaches some fun alternatives to whining while reinforcing steady beat through movement.

  • Bollywood Dance

    Dance a Bollywood hit with Miss Katie and Rockin Roo!

  • Rattlin' Bog (A Cumulative Irish Folk Song)

    Test your memory in this silly Irish folk tune!

  • Highway Number One

    Do this hopping dance from the Shenanigans along with Rockin' Roo! This song was featured in Rockin' Roo's Australia episode as it's about a famous highway in Australia.

  • Solfege Song

    Explore the language of solfege and the scale in this silly song!

  • I'm Growing

    This song is dedicated to all preschool graduates and rising kindergartners, but also celebrates how all children are growing and can be anything they want to be. Dream big friends, your whole world is ahead of you!

  • Gypsy in the Moonlight

    Play air banjo and dance along with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo in this fun action song and singing game from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Peter and the Wolf