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  • I'm a Lumberjack

    Grab your sand blocks, put on your flannel, and play along with Miss Katie in this fun action song for children 6 and under. Children will perform eighth note and quarter note rhythmic patterns unknowingly as they "chop" and "saw" along with Miss Katie.

  • Splishin' and Splashin'

    This is a suuuuuuper fun tickle for babies and toddlers, and our older friends love it, as well! For our littlest friends, bounce them in your laps and tickle the body parts we're singing about. For older friends, follow the movements along with Miss Katie as we get fresh and clean in the bath!

  • Drums Galore

    Learn your shapes, colors and music theory concepts in this fun drumming song! To do at home: get four sheets of paper and draw a 1) red square 2) yellow triangle 3) purple circle 4) blue rectangle. Put a drum or pot/pan next to each sheet of paper and play the drum next to the shape/color Mis...