Movement/Action Songs

Movement/Action Songs

Bend, stretch, stomp, jump, freeze, and MORE!

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Movement/Action Songs
  • Highway Number One

    Do this hopping dance from the Shenanigans along with Rockin' Roo! This song was featured in Rockin' Roo's Australia episode as it's about a famous highway in Australia.

  • Gypsy in the Moonlight

    Play air banjo and dance along with Miss Katie and Rockin' Roo in this fun action song and singing game from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Peter and the Wolf

  • Hello, My Friends

    Hello, my friends, and how do you do? Let's sing hello to everyone in your family while each of you takes a turn doing "something silly" that we can all copy. What a fun way to kick off a music class!

  • Goodbye, My Friends

    Sway along as you sing goodbye with Miss Katie and celebrate the beautiful music you and your family made together.

  • Rockin' Welcome Song

    This is the welcome song for our Pre-K rock stars, but can be enjoyed by children as young as two. In this call and response echo song, children will copy Miss Katie's words and actions in the beginning and end with an epic air guitar solo. Rock on, friends!